The Evil of All Image Newsletters

I sometimes have designers give me a newsletter that’s about impossible to render well as html, other than slicing the entire thing up as images and putting it in a table. This often happens with print designers trying to do web stuff.

What’s wrong with that? Everything. Consider the following, which I just got from a major retailer (sensitive text blurred out):

newsletter with images off

Why should I care about this? I should be able to get at least something that entices me to click the “download images” button in my email program. Unless you have a stellar subject line, chances are that won’t happen. And what about people using some sort of screen reader/assistive device? They’re totally out of luck.

OK, so in this case the subject line promised 20% off my next order, that’s a good incentive to see what this is all about, so I downloaded the images, and here’s what I saw:

This is supposed to have images displayed, but not

Still nothing – either the newsletter server is slow delivering those images, or my connection is slow, or whatever. Is this how you want to present your brand?

So please, if you’re doing an HTML newsletter, put some good old text in there, and use images like the frosting on the cake. Cheers.

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