Building Emacs on Leopard: emacs osx make: *** [src] Error 2

So, I’ve been a Texmate guy for awhile. I dig it. In fact, I dig it so much, that sometimes I don’t want to leave, I wish I could just do everything from my trusty text editor. I also wish it could debug better.

This second thing, the debugger, has led me to try things like Komodo and Wingware. But next to the beauty of Textmate, they seem clunky. Instead of focusing on the text, they seem to distract from it.

So, I decided to give Emacs another run. I say “another” because I tried it many years ago, and while I found it interesting, I just never stuck with it. But in those days, I did more design than development. And as such, I like to reach for the mouse as little as possible. With Emacs, you can supposedly set up your environment so that you never have to leave it. You can check email, edit text, log into servers, ftp, etc. I’m very curious.

So, I’m trying it again. But first, I needed to install it on my Intel Mac, running Leopard. But running the make command kept spitting out nasty errors, until I applied the patch I found here.

So, after trying to get the patch right a few times, I got it to work. For other’s convenience, here’s what to do, along with the full file so you don’t have to apply a patch.

  1. Replace emacs-22.x/src/unexmacosx.c with this version of unexmacosx.c
  2. From the emacs-22.x directory, run:
    ./configure –enable-carbon-app
    sudo make install
  3. From there, it should work. You can run ’emacs’ from the command line, and it should also put a GUI app in your Applications folder.


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